Lee Brigg Infant and Nursery School are proud participants in Wakefield Children's University™, part of a national charitable trust which validates high quality out of hours activities for children and young people aged 5 - 14 years of all abilities.

Learning opportunities are being provided by our school through after school clubs as well as organisations both in the local community and nationally.

The Children's University aims to inspire children, raise their aspirations and to develop a love of learning in a range of environments.

In Wakefield, the Children's University is supported by Wakefield College; the District's largest provider of Further and Higher Education.

All children/young people who join the Children's University are given a 'Passport to Learning' in which they can collect stamps and stickers to demonstrate the number of hours of learning they have achieved. Over time children/young people may work towards nationally recognised certificates celebrating their hours of learning and on achievement, they will be given the opportunity to attend a Wakefield Children's University Graduation ceremony.

Current Learning Destinations
Learning Destination Nomination
Parent Guide to the Children's University