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Nursery (Tiger Cubs)

Tiger Cubs - Nursery - Mrs Hough and Mrs Windsor

Please remember that it is for parents and carers to decide how much learning you would like your child(ren) to take part in at home. Suggestions made for activities and learning is optional and not compulsory. If you require any additional support or guidance in regards to resources please contact school by telephone (01924 893829), email (leebriggadmin@watertonacademytrust.org) or on Twitter (@Lee_Brigg)

Please note we predominantly use Microsoft Teams and Parenthub to communicate messages to our parents / carers - if you need any help accessing or navigating Microsoft Teams or Parenthub please contact Mrs Dixon-Child in the School Office on 07415 069904 (school hours only).

Learning From Home Using Microsoft Teams - A Helpful Guide For Students

January 2021 - Present Date

Week Commencing 11th January 2021
Home Learning Timetable - Week Commencing 11th January 2021

Read With Me Leaflet (3 to 4 years)

Click here for how to pronounce Phase 2 Phonics sounds

Additional Resources (Please access the following if you feel that you would like to supplement our home learning timetable with any additional tasks)

Wake Up Shake Up - Dinosaur Stomp
Wake Up Shake Up - Shake Your Sillies Out
Wake Up Shake Up - Happy Dance
Wake Up Shake Up - Do The Waggle Dance
Wake Up Shake Up - Superhero

Circle Time - While We Can't Hug
Circle Time - Germ Smart - Wash Your Hands

EYFS-Goldilocks And The Three Bears Home Learning Challenge
Five Little Bears (counting up)
Goldilocks And The Three Bears Activity Ideas
Goldilocks Song
Goldilocks Story
Science Experiment (Porridge)

Peace At Last (1)
Peace At Last (2)
Mrs Windsor Reads 'Peace At Last' By Jill Murphy

The Blue Balloon
Mrs Windsor Reads 'The Blue Balloon' by Mick Inkpen
The Blue Balloon - Home Learning Questions and Activities
The Blue Balloon - Activity Sheet 2
The Blue Balloon - Maths Activity

Owl Babies Activities
The Gingerbread Man Activities
Hungry Caterpillar Activities
Dinosaur Roar Activities
Bumblebear Activities
Dear Zoo Activities

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