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Lee Brigg Infant & Nursery School Remote Learning Policy
Parent Survey and Responses to Remote Learning Offer
Lee Brigg Infant & Nursery School Risk Assessment (March 2021)

Welcome to our home learning page!

Each week, on a Friday, class teachers will upload the following weeks learning overview to the website, (under their class name on the home learning tab), as well as to their TEAMs class page.

Each class from Reception to Year 2 will start every day with a live 'check in' on TEAMS. The class teacher will outline the day's learning for the children. Children will then be set a Phonics, English and Maths task daily, as well as a wider curriculum lesson, (this could be Science, Music, Art etc). All work will be closely matched to work that would have been carried out in school, to ensure that all children are accessing the appropriate curriculum.

Tasks will be set through a balance of recorded and live lessons, as we appreciate that families may need to access learning at different points during the day, due to other commitments. A story session will also be uploaded daily. Class teachers will respond to any work received in an afternoon. Teachers will also make a phone call to each family weekly.

Please share your child's work where possible. This can be through the class email, on Twitter or via their TEAMs page.

Please email school with any feedback on the home learning that we provide and see our Remote Learning Plan for further details. Lee Brigg Infant & Nursery School Remote Learning Policy

Please note the list of communication below is not exhaustive as we predominantly use Microsoft Teams and Parenthub to communicate messages to our parents / carers - if you need any help accessing or navigating Microsoft Teams or Parenthub please contact Mrs Dixon-Child in the School Office on 07415 069904.

Learning From Home Using Microsoft Teams - A Helpful Guide For Students

Learning From Home Using Microsoft Teams - A Helpful Guide To Viewing And Completing Assignments

Please access class home learning through these tabs on our home learning page.
General Resources
Nursery (Tiger Cubs)
Reception (Tigers HT & Tigers LT/KG Classes)
Year 1 (Leopard & Jaguar Classes)
Year 2 (Jaguar & Panther Classes)

If you require any additional support please contact school by telephone (01924 893829), email (leebriggadmin@watertonacademytrust.org) or on Twitter (@Lee_Brigg)

The Waterton Academy Trust website is updated regularly with further information for parents and carers.

We would ask wherever possible, pupils are encouraged to read every day and listen to lots of stories! There is a section dedicated to Reading on our General Resources tab - why not take a look ?

We appreciate that for some pupils the adaptation to learning at home may be tricky; we would ask that you remain patient and try not to place additional stress on either yourself or your child(ren). Little and often is best!

In line with our E-Safety policy and guidance, we would always advise parental / carer support and supervision when accessing the internet.

Should you need to contact school, please use one of the following methods:

Updated support from the DFE for Parents, Pupils and School Staff