"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." (Plato)

At Lee Brigg Infant and Nursery School we believe that music will enrich the lives of our children and this will in turn help to develop their self-confidence and sense of achievement.

We aim to deliver a high quality music education, which engages pupils and inspires them to develop their love of music and talents as musicians, both through explicit music lessons and through a development of musical skills through performances.

Our aim is to:
• Provide opportunities across the curriculum for children to develop their listening skills from an early age.
• Teach about a variety of tuned and non-tuned musical instruments including their voice.
• Develop an awareness of how to use these instruments effectively by changing rhythm, pitch or dynamics.
• Enable pupils to respond to and evaluate live and recorded music, including their own and others' compositions and performances;
• Provide an opportunity for all children at all levels to perform alone and with others, using a range of instruments and their voices, developing an awareness of audiences, venue and occasion.

Children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, as we have weekly sessions taught by an external peripatetic teacher.

Extra-curricular clubs throughout the year include choir, show tunes, music and composition.

Our music curriculum in school promotes some of our key curriculum drivers.
Relationships are promoted, as children work collaboratively, listening to and evaluating the performances of others. Children are encouraged to be independent, to develop their own preferences of the music that they choose to listen to or enjoy making themselves. Music allows children to be creative and express themselves and their imagination.

Please click here to see an overview for our Music Curriculum Music Overview

We work with a progression of skills document in school to ensure that our children are challenged and taught at the appropriate level.