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Value Of The Term

As well as the existing school ethos, which promotes our 'Golden Rules,' praising children when they behave and treat others positively; we will continue to 'teach' a core value each half term, which will be a focus for discussions.

This half term we shall be focussing on the values of 'Keeping Active, Being Healthy.'

We are asking Parents and Carers of all pupils who would like to participate to e-mail leebriggadmin@watertonacademytrust.org should they 'spot' these values at home and wish to recognise them.

We hope that using our school website to share quotes will allow those who remain at home and those who have returned to school to share experiences using a common resource. Each 'value' received will be responded to also by e-mail.

C has been keeping active and healthy out and about at several locations, Bempton Cliffs, Fraisthorpe Beach, Stanley Marsh and also practising his levitation skills!

C's Parent, Year 1

Today after school T said "I'm really upset I can't eat my apple because we are learning about being healthy at school and I love apples & I want to be healthy!"
So from tomorrow we are cutting the apple up & putting it in a tub to make it easier to eat ! T really is listening to what the " healthy values " are... I hope to see an empty apple tub tomorrow!

T's Parent, Year 1

O has enjoyed joining in with 'PE with Joe' each morning - thank you for suggesting this activity on the home learning page of your website!

O's Parent, Nursery

R has begun to understood the importance between a good night's sleep and 'feeling healthy'
During our time away from school we have focussed on introducing more fruit and vegetables into our diets and have had time to cook our evening meal together.

R's Parent, Year 2