Ethos and Values

Every child matters at Lee Brigg. Our curriculum provision enables children to:

  • learn about and lead a healthy life
  • be safe and feel safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve future economic wellbeing

Aims and objectives. We will:

  • encourage all children to adopt safe and healthy lifestyles
  • value and care for every child, teaching them to care for themselves, each other and the environment
  • support every child to develop a positive self-image and good attitude to learning and work
  • promote and ensure high standards of achievement and progress for all children
  • provide challenge and pace at all levels
  • nurture children's spiritual, cultural and religious learning
  • foster a love of communication, reading, writing, enquiry and problem solving
  • encourage children to develop their creative and expressive skills and their aesthetic awareness
  • encourage children to be physically active
  • ensure a partnership with all parents in the interest of their children's learning
  • promote British Values to prepare our children for life in modern Britain